Jason Collins made modern-day history earlier this week by becoming the first professional athlete in major sports to declare he is gay while still actively playing.

Other athletes have been flooding the media — both social and otherwise — with their thoughts and most often support for Collins.

Former Green Bay Packer safety Leroy Butler added his congratulations to the mix with a tweet on Monday.

The result was a Wisconsin church cancelling their plans to have Butler speak to the children of the church.

Butler weighed in on his public support of Jason Collins and what it cost him.

“I think it`s worth it. You know, I really think it`s worth it, because–as a man–you gotta stand for something,” Butler said. “You can`t just let people just–just `cause you don`t agree with their beliefs–just let `em push you around. I can`t do that, `cuz i think there`s other people, out there, dealing with kids who are going through this, and we gotta–we gotta put a stop to some of this.”

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The pastor of the church told Butler he would allow him to appear in church if he publicly apologized and asked for forgiveness, but Butler declined.


Article Courtesy of CNN and WEWS NewsChannel 5
Picture Courtesy of Getty Images and WEWS NewsChannel 5