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1. Her testimony

Zimmerman’s defense team attempted to portray Rachel as a liar and poke holes in her account with Trayvon, but they have (so far)been unsuccessful. Her emotional testimony included key details in the trial, including who may have attacked who. The last words Rachel heard, from who she thinks was Trayvon, were “Get off.” Then she admits she heard wet grass as if someone was fighting.

In anticipation of the defense question why Rachel didn’t go to the Trayvon’s wake, she said “You gotta understand,” she told West. “I’m the last person — you don’t know how I felt. You think I really want to go see the body after I just talked to him?” Rachel certainly connected dots that would have gone unmentioned if she wasn’t on the phone or on the stand. Rachel’s account paints Zimmerman as the aggressor even though Martin asked Zimmerman “what are you following me for?”

We are upon the 14th day of the Trayvon Martin trial and in my opinion, the prosecution has done a good job at making Zimmerman out to have been the aggressor. Multiple sources has testified that they saw George Zimmerman ontop on Martin. The defense wants us to believe it was Martin who ground and pounded Zimmerman. The screams for “help” heard over the phone calls to the police are now appearing to have belonged to Martin.

We will keep you updated as the cases progresses. It may take up to four weeks. Stay tuned!

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