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Whoopi Goldberg had a tense encounter with George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys on Monday’s “View.”

Mark O’Mara and Don West, who have gone on a media tour following Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin, seemed to know going in that they were not in an especially friendly venue. Whereas previous appearances found them gloating about the outcome of the trial, they were relatively subdued and restrained with Goldberg, Barbara Walters, and guest host Dan Abrams.

Goldberg first asked about why Zimmerman hadn’t simply hit Martin instead of shooting him.

“If George Zimmerman is on his back on the ground, why wouldn’t George just hit him and knock him off him?” she asked. “Because I don’t understand the need to shoot and kill him. See, because, to me, when you kill somebody, there’s an issue.”

When West started to describe the extent of the fight, Goldberg interrupted.

“He was able to get his hand out. He was able to move the gun this way. If he was able to do that, why could he have not…hit him in the kidneys?” she asked.

Later, the attorneys were discussing the possibility of a federal civil rights investigation into the case.

“Didn’t George Zimmerman first spot him because this was a young black man?” Goldberg asked.

“I think in part, absolutely,” O’Mara said. He then asked if someone could never be suspicious just because they were black.

“Walking down the street, I kind of think no!” Goldberg said. “Because I’m black and [if] I’m walking down the street and somebody says, ‘hey, I think you might snatch my pocketbook,’ I’d be a little pissed.”


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