Donald Trump is never a man to keep his opinions to himself and today he finally chimed in on the George Zimmerman verdict, admitting that he doesn’t have a problem with the verdict, but still doesn’t support Zimmerman’s actions on the night  he shot and k!lled Trayvon Martin.

During a call-in interview with Fox and Friends,Trump said Zimmerman was “no angel” and believes he should leave Florida as soon as possible.  Although Trump says he doesn’t have a problem with the verdict, he seemed to caution the Fox and Friends panel against making Zimmerman into some kind of hero.

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“Zimmerman is no angel,” Trump said. “I didn’t like the fact that Zimmerman was told to stay in his truck, don’t move, and he went out and he certainly moved. But he’s no angel, we know that, this is not a guy who doesn’t deserve certain blame.”

Trump made it clear that you can agree with the jury’s verdict, but still have a problem with Zimmerman’s actions.


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