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Following the controversy with Alex Rodriguez and the performance-enhancing drugs, Lebron spoke to Robin Roberts about its effect on the sports industry.

“So many kids look up to us – as role models, and as leaders, and as inspiration to do what’s right,” the 28-year-old two-time NBA champion said in the interview that aired today. James said he had two special role models. “Well, my mother was definitely number one on my list … no matter what I was going through, she always kind of kept the outside away from me. And I have no idea how she did it… and also, you know, Michael Jordan was high as well,” he said, naming the iconic basketball player who won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

“You know, Michael Jordan was – gave me a dream that I could, you know, possibly reach someday. I wanted to be able to fly in the air, and make game-winning shots, and stick my tongue out at the wrong time, and all that,” he said, laughing.

Jordan made his mark on generations of basketball players and fans, and James hopes to have that kind of impact over the course of his career, which he knows won’t last forever. “I mean, the day I started being a professional athlete, I knew. You know, this is the longest, shortest job, career that you have,” he told Roberts.

James is riding high on his team’s back-to-back NBA Championships, but he’ll soon have to decide if the Heat will remain his home. He can become a free agent next summer. Asked how he would decide the future of his career, James replied: “I’m happy right now being in Miami, obviously, winning two championships in a row. And hopefully, everything works out. But you know, when that time comes upon us, I’ll be able to tackle that. But happiness in life, and what you do makes it easier to show up every day.”

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