A Spalding County, Ga., preschooler reportedly brought a loaded gun to Jordan Hill Elementary School that was hidden in his backpack. Thanks to the efforts of another 4-year-old student who told a teacher, the weapon was confiscated before anyone got hurt, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The gun was discovered Tuesday afternoon close to dismissal time. When the unnamed teacher went through the backpack and discovered the gun, she took both items to the Anthony Aikens, the principal of the school, who then immediately summoned police; the school’s administrators also contacted the child’s parents.

Aiken felt compelled to alert parents about the incident, so he sent out a call notification and the below formal letter to be distributed on Wednesday, according to Judy Parker, spokeswoman for Griffin-Spalding County schools:

“All students and families must be aware of the actions that violate school rules and understand the consequences,” Aikens stated in the parental letters which reinforced the school’s duty to protect staffers and most importantly, the children. “We can avoid disciplinary action by each of you talking with your student about appropriate behavior at school. And, please, keep all weapons out of the reach of children. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.”

The youngster in question was reportedly disciplined for the act but no details have been released as to what transpired between the authorities and the child’s parents.

Via News One