If more jobs were created, a lot of our problems would disappear. I know it isn’t this simple, but why do we always have enough money for war?

Not everyone agreed with me of course:

“Tom, we don’t want another Holocaust. We should stop them as a team with other countries and not go in there alone. That will make an even more powerful statement.”

Another person who supports the idea of reacting to Syria said, “War creates jobs and boosts the economy.”

Maybe.  But since we have no guarantee that our participation in Syria will achieve what we’re hoping, let’s stop gambling on a possibility and let’s start investing in the people and communities here at home who need it the most.

Russian president Putin upset a lot of people when he implied that the United States isn’t as exceptional as we think it is. I disagree. Our country IS exceptional in all kinds of ways.  But where we do fail is by allowing our once great cities to die. I’m just a DJ…

But what do you think?

What About Us?  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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