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college-homeless“It never really ceases to amaze me, where I am — it never really sinks in,” says Columbia University student, Eboni Boykin. Eboni’s amazed by her own journey, which goes from growing up homeless to now walking the halls of an Ivy League in her sophomore year. MSNBC is reporting, Boykin spent her childhood in countless schools in Mississippi and Missouri as her single mother struggled to raise her and her younger siblings–often living dependent upon homeless shelters and at times, sleeping in cars. Boykin is not only the first of her family to graduate high school and make it to college.

What’s even more amazing is that Boykin is able to attend the Ivy League through a full scholarship. Boykin excitedly admitted, “I don’t have to bother my mom with my expenses. I’m sort of in a place where I can take care of myself. I’m absolutely determined to finish what I’ve started by coming here. I’ve wanted this for such a long period of time that it wouldn’t make any sense not to finish.”

Boykin appeared on the MSNBC show, hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry, Education Nation Student Town Hall last year and continues to impress as Harris-Perry followed up with and update this past Sunday. Boykin had the typical freshman jitters and now seems to be blossoming beautifully in the NYC school. “When I started here at Columbia, I didn’t feel prepared at all, at least by my high school,” Boykin said.”My first semester was sort of tumultuous in that way. It was a lot going on and I felt overwhelmed and really small compared to everything that was happening in my life. As time went on, I found friend groups, and activities to get into, and started to get the hang of my work. Now I’m in a more secure place.”

It’s stories like these that prove we can all do anything we want, as long as we work hard and stay focused. We’re so proud of Boykin and can’t wait to see where else her beautiful journey takes her.

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