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GALLERY: Must-Have Swimwear For July 4th (thumbnail)They Think It’s Clean & Sexy:

While Tom, 29, loves the openness of the area when it’s hassle-free. “I admit that at first I wasn’t into it but then I started dating a woman who got Brazilians every four weeks. We had sex regularly — and I really liked the cleanliness factor. I could go down on her as often as I wanted and was never met with excuses. I also felt like, as a woman, she felt sexier around me. She was kinkier, too. It was like the Brazilian brought on all new territory for us to explore.”

“I think a Brazilian should be seasonal — necessary in the summer and maybe not as necessary in the other seasons, but still suggested. I think that the cleaner a woman is, the better the sex is,” says Cole, 27. “I’m not worrying about getting stray hairs in my mouth — which can be a total turn-off — or when the last time she showered was.”

“When I’m going down there, I don’t want no hair,” says Ryan, 27, to the tune of his own little jingle. “It’s a huge turn-on when I’m out with a woman and find out later that she’s totally bare down there. I know tons of dudes probably say that it’s sexy — but it really is. It shows me that she’s into my pleasure as much as she is her own.”

And James, 26, agrees that it doesn’t get much better than a woman with no “road blocks” in the bedroom. “I’m a fan of going hairless — and if that’s the most hairless you can get, then I definitely support a woman who wants a clean cut.”

Phil, 29, said that when you’re in a relationship with a woman a Brazilian isn’t exactly a requirement, but a Hollywood wax every now and again goes a long way in the bedroom. “I’m easy to please, I’m not looking for anything too crazy but it’s to me, a Brazilian is the best you can get from a woman. And when you’re in a relationship it’s not exactly a necessity although it’s definitely an added treat when you’ve been with someone and they’re willing to spice it up.”

But Not All Guys Agree That A Brazilian Is The Way To Go:

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