In recent weeks several adult entertainers have come forward to speak out about the spread of HIV in their industry.  Actress Cameron Bay was one of four porn stars to be diagnosed with the virus this year, and condemned the owners and producers in porn for not doing enough to protect the actors. However, some in the biz feel like there is only so much you can do to protect people from sexually transmitted diseases in an occupation where you have lots and lots of sex.

“I don’t think condoms are as effective as people want to say they are,” says adult entertainer Mr. Marcus, who tested positive for Syphilis, in a recent interview with “They break and they come off. The fact that they are trying to force it on our industry, it’s something that should be an adult’s option. It should be their choice. It shouldn’t be something that’s mandatory.”

Marcus went on to detail the rising costs of STD testing and how it’s becoming an industry in its own that is impacted the actors.

“The best way to prevent HIV is abstinance. If you don’t wan to risk it then don’t do it. If you are gonna do it nail your partners down and get tested as frequently as two weeks. If you really, really want to tackle that don’t have sex at all.”

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Article Courtesy of The Urban Daily and The DL Hughley Show

Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Video Courtesy of You Tube, The Urban Daily and The DL Hughley Show

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