CLOSE is reporting that the urban legend of Tupac‘s phantom daughter has come back to the surface. This story is as old as the day is long but it refuses to go away and now there is a picture of a young lady to go along with it. We won’t lie..we hollered when we saw this picture because it’s pretty startling to see the rapper and the girl side by side! But no one seems to know who the girl in the picture is and if there is in fact any relation between her and the dearly departed emcee.

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AllHipHop reminds us that Busta Rhymes appears to have sent a shout out to Pac’s child on his album “When Disaster Strikes” which triggered a whole lot of speculation. But it still never gave a definitive answer as to whether or not there was really a child walking around out here that Tupac created!

We hope this girl in the picture will step up and either confirm or deny these rumors as they pertain to her. Even if she tells everyone to get their lives, something is better than nothing! The silence will just prolong the discussion and her picture will continue to make it’s way around these internets.

But again…looks pretty close doesn’t it?!

Hey  who knows, maybe we’re all wrong and he’s still here like the conspiracy theorists (And Suge Knight) keep claiming! Crazier things have happened…we’re just saying!

Editor’s Note: Calls to Maury were not returned

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