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Even after their highly publicized divorce, Kevin and Torrei Hart know how to come to together for the sake of their kids.

This past weekend, the former lovebirds threw their 6-year-old son Hendrix Hart a Skylander-themed birthday party. The lavish event took place at Torrei’s Los Angeles home, complete with a candy shop, full-service buffet and photo booth.

A handful of Kevin and Torrei’s famous friends were in attendance, including Boris Kodjoe and his kiddies Sophie and Nicolas, Cee-Lo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson and her 14-year-old son Kingston, Omar Epps’ wife Keisha, Chris Paul’s wife Jada, Niecy Nash, Big Boy and Gloria Govan.

Looking from the outside in, the comedians seem to have this co-parenting thing down pat. But, during a recent interview with CocoaFab, the mother of two said it took two years of trail and error get to this point.

“Now it’s been about two and a half years since the divorce. In the beginning it wasn’t this easy. Now we’re kind of like on a good schedule,” she said. “We have a very good schedule. If we need to go off the schedule which is really all communication. Communication every single day almost every morning and just knowing what’s going on with the kid’s schedule. That’s pretty much it. I would have to say just daily communication…I’m like look we have two kids. We have to stay in one accord and communicate. I’m just a stickler for that and it’s good he is the same way. It works for us. We both realize it’s about the children and so we make it work.”

She went on to say it’s been difficult to find a man who can live up to Kevin and his success. “I’m very picky. Kevin is an awkward man to follow. They can’t be a loser. They have to be funny. They have to make me laugh a lot and I think I’m still in that kind of comparison stage,” she admitted. “I’ve been on a couple of days this guy he’s trying to make me laugh and he’s not don’t try just be. Some men I went on a date with and I could tell they’re trying to be funny and if that’s not who you are be who you are because that’s a problem. Being that I was with such a guy who’s such a public figure.”

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