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By now most of us have have heard all about Miss Sharkeisha and the the punch heard around the world. If by chance you have not…take a look at the video below to see exactly what we’re speaking on right now.


People can say this was random if they want to…however if it was random then WHY did these girls have the camera rolling while it was going on? Watching girls flat out maul each other this way is rough. But this Sharkeisha girl in particular is apparently wowing the crowds! Now this video has gone viral and both girls are being made fun of in a horrific way. Remember they are both daughters to someone.

Sharmichael Manuel the 17-year-old victim and her mother have finally spoken out about the incident and the way that the internet is further exacerbating her pain with all of the memes and jokes being created at Sharmichael’s expense. Take a look at the video below.


At some point we must remember that sometimes these are kids that are being victimized by the reactions of the rest of the world when these things go viral. Even when they are behaving as crazy as this video the end of the day…often times they are still kids.

To Sharmichael we say… it took a lot of courage to speak out. We hope that you know in time this too shall pass. So continue to hold your head up young lady…we’re sure it will all be okay in the end. And we’re sorry that adults who know better don’t always do better.



Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Videos Courtesy of YouTube and The Urban Daily

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