Phaedra Parks is really trying her best to maintain her “Southern Belle” etiquette and remain a lady when she is questioned by TV host, Bethenny, about her marriage to husband, Apollo Nida, their relationship with “Real Housewife of Atlanta” co-star, Kenya Moore, and the effect their popular reality show has on it all.

“Marriage is hard,” she admitted before adding, “Obviously the TV show adds another dynamic. You’ve got 4 million people weighing in on the topic. But at the end of the day, the marriage has to be between you and your partner and you have to make a decision as to how you’re going to handle any pressure whether it be good or bad.”

Of course, viewers realize that there is no relationship between Parks and Moore. The two fell out when it was discovered that Apollo and Kenya were texting one another behind Phaedra’s back.

The entertainment attorney-turned-reality star recently released a book providing tips on how to maintain a successful marriage – and it appears that whenever Bethenny’s questions got too deep, the author overpowered the reality star and promotion of the book became the frontrunner. (“I talk about that on page 89!” Parks quips at one point.)

Yet Phaedra is fully aware of Apollo’s appeal and his ability to be “inappropriate” and spoke about the transparency they aim for on the show during Monday’s special appearance on “Bethenny.

There was the exchange in the video where Phaedra and Bethenny raked Kenya over the coals over the “Donkey Booty” concept. They both concluded that Phaedra was the originator and Kenya is the imposter.

It ended with Bethenny asking Phaedra, “Can I see your donkey booty?” As you can see in the video below, Miss Southern Belle couldn’t wait to show and let Bethenny

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