*Uh oh, Chris Brown’s got legal issues again. And this time it’s a biggie.

Because of the assault charges that were recently filed against him in DC, the judge in the Rihanna beating case moved today to REVOKE his probation.

Yep, “uh oh” is right.

It all happened this afternoon while Brown was in court for a progress hearing. As you can imagine, the judge put 2 and 2 together, so to speak, and concluded that with the DC criminal complaint it was obvious that Breezy did NOT obey all laws … which of course he’s required to do while on probation

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Fortunately for Brown he wasn’t sent straight to the pokey because the judge seemed to be impressed by entertainer’s progress in his anger management rehab. That’s the good news for Brown. The bad news is the judge will hold a hearing on the matter in February, and it’s possible he could send Brown to jail.

In other Chris Brown legal/jail news, the judge also ordered him to NOT use medical marijuana for the time being.

Also, there’s positive news for Brown from regarding the anger management program he’s in. In a document filed with the court that details his  progress, it says Brown, who participates in a weekly boot camp and successfully completed a 12-hour ropes course “to enhance team-building skills and trust.”

Further, the clinical team says Chris Brown has been making progress and the psychotropic drugs he’s using seem to be working.  He’s been taken off medical marijuana.  The team says his ability to “emotionally regulate himself” has markedly improved.



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