*It’s a real chore getting young people to trust authority figures as it is; and the task becomes monumental when people of different races is involved.

So when an African American male student told his white school teacher that one day he wants to become president; one could assume the young man felt a sense of security and trust for this person.

Which makes the betrayal so infinitely sad.

“We do not need another black president,” Gil Voight, a science teacher in Fairfield, Ohio is said to have responded according to the Cincinatti Enquirer

As a result, on Monday, the Fairfield Board of Education suspended the teacher without pay and he faces the prospect of dismissal.

Voight has 10 days to request a hearing before the school board or a referee.

The incident happened on Dec. 3, and according to a report from Assistant Superintendent Roger Martin, who conducted a disciplinary hearing on the matter, there were several other students present.