Beyonce is “Crazy in Love” with veganism! In December, the pop star and her hubby Jay Z quit all animal-based products for 22 days and now she’s at it again.

Queen Bey, who now rocks a size two, took to her Instagram account last week to share what she’s snacking on these days. She posted a photo of a vegan protein bar and banana slices with the caption “#22daysvegan.”

Beyonce is the only Hollywood star bit by the vegan bug. Actress and “The Talk” host Sheryl Underwood is on to the new trend al well. During a recent episode of the CBS talk show, she announced her plans to quit meat and dairy for the month of February.

“I’m not trying to be trendy and my goal is not to give up meat forever, but I want a lifestyle change,” Underwood told with TV Guide. “I want to lower my blood pressure and jump-start my metabolism—and do it all naturally. People think I picked February to go vegan because it’s the shortest month. No! I’m doing it as a Valentine to me!”

She went on to outline her new diet plans: “Substituting olive oil for butter, eating less meat, cutting down on processed food or eating more whole foods so it won’t be cold turkey. But I want this to be fun so I am not giving up alcohol!”

She added that the lifestyle change has other great perks as well. “When you’re a vegan, you lose weight, right?” she said.

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