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Birth, Inception, Infusion, Transfusion, Implant, Transplant, Life, Eternal, Internal, Stem Cell, Universe…

All these words describe the art of music and how it will always transition in time, the mother or father of the musical embryo may change but it will always stay forever new.  Back in the day my parents inundated me with the Motown sound. my mother owned everything the Supremes had on wax (for you youngsters wax is an album, ummm well an album kind of looked like a CD but was much bigger with groves in it ahhh never mind moving forward).  Shouts out to the Edison’s of Detroit, MI were I spent  many family gathering with at Belle Isle, as a matter of fact I almost drowned in the water at Belle Isle,  but.  The reason I bring that place up, back in the day that was the place to be and I used to love going there because the sounds of great music would be booming from all over the place I really think that Belle Isle was the original release party spot for all music especially Motown music, I brought up me almost drowning in water because when in Belle Isle everybody was going to drown in music. It was a time when life was about the love of life and the dawn of booming possibilities.  Although there were still remnants of the riots Detroits Belle Isle then was a place of peace, joy and togetherness.  A place where you could have the serenity to dream.  I knew what GoGo music was at 3 years old;  “going to a go go, na na na naaa,going to a go go”  by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles still resonates in my head to this day  (and yes Smokey has been fine throughout the test of time).   For as long as I can remember and for whatever reason when I hear a song it always sticks in m head, I can go years without hearing it and then something will spark my forever head tape recorder.  The only reason I remember dates of events are because my brain has attached it to what was on the radio that day at that particular time of event.  My flash backs in my head are large music videos, what ever I’m feeling on any given day my brain plays music according to my mood at that moment. Sidebar you do know why that saying says any GIVEN DAY don’t you?  Sorry back to story…When I write I typically listen to what I’m writing about over and over again until I’m finished.  I dream to music, ride to music and well you know etc…   I even quote in music, for example  Earth Wind and Fire has a song titled “I’ll Write A Song For You”  sample of the lyrics are:

 “Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody ‘Cause I’ll write a song for you Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate In another place There’s in your silent night, joy of a song’s delight

‘Cause I’ll write a song for you You’ll write a song for me We’ll write a song of love, of love

My magical mystique, finding it all complete In your lovely face Feelings we try to chase, memories that won’t erase Stay forever new

In this song instead of a love letter Phillip Bailey says he writes a song of love because paraphrasing paper over time diminishes, can be destroyed, turn colors the ink can fade, it can catch fire, it can get wet, I can go on and on about the instability of paper but at the end of the day if your love is represented by paper it can eventually be destroyed or die metaphorically speaking. Writing a song on the other hand gives BIRTH at INCEPTION of set song LIFE, IMPLANTING an INTERNAL INFUSION carried out by the TRANSFUSION of lyric and sound STEM CELL TRANSPLANT into the UNIVERSE that can never dissipate only recreate and will stay forever new, what better way to make sure your love is conveyed then by song, therefore making it ETERNAL and eternal means forever!!! It means music is like a gene that on conception it will continually populate and be a precursor to. Music like Going to a GoGo by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles infused the MOTOWN sound into souls that will forever populate. It occurred to me when I first heard the newest feel good song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams that I was reminded of a time when everything was new and gold. I was reminded of how much I loved going to Belle Isle having picnics had watching earths wonders, it reminded me I loved sliding across our freshly waxed hardwood floor in my sox, it reminded me I loved the smell of the seasons change, I loved the thought of what would life be, or what love would be when I grew up and I also loved watching how the GoGo could be in your living room, parlor or down at the corner store front. More importantly Happy reminded me of my first and only real love MUSIC and that what was old will always remain new. MUSIC if I haven’t told you before please know now that you are the only thing that remains to make me HAPPY and I truly do LOVE you. As always please watch and listen responsibly.

Happy gave birth to ;)

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