A photo posted by Avant (@avantmusic) on Jun 7, 2015 at 7:31am PDT By BridgetEE Smooth, cunning, impactful. A song that thrust at your heart and soul, a feel, a longing. Great songs are identified most times the very first time you hear them. They are Special words from a Special soul escorted by a […]

By BridgetEE The way artistry is supposed to be.  Great musicians not only are graced by above but they also actively study their craft/talent.  They surround themselves with people that are like themselves.  They are historians of music, therefore preparing themselves for books of the future.  You can’t successfully get to your future if you […]

By BridgetEE There is always a stir about the choices made about the singing of The National Anthem at events.  The talk is always who was singing it, why, and whether or not it sound like garbage.  Jamie Foxx got raked over the coals for his performance before the Mayweather-Pacquiao  fight and lets not forget the Roseanne Barr butchering […]

By BridgetEE ♫ Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again ♫  You say huh♪  Watch this♪  Back in the day you had honor amongst thieves.  Back in the day you had respect for things and sounds.  Back in […]

Album cover design by Mojo Visual   By BridgetEE I was thinking incense, large yellow flowers and a bright sun.. I was thinking a beat is chasing me and I don’t have no where to run.  But do I want to??  I’m thinking basement house partys, black lights, fist pump peace symbol furry posters and love.  I’m […]

By BridgetEE What do you see?  What do you feel?  I hear a sound that induces passion.  Warmth beneath my feet, I feel a maraca slowly shimmering down my spine as I sit perched high on a bright orange sunset with a backdrop blue sky.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ I smell the essence of […]

By BridgetEE Here’s what I wanna know.  Matter of fact if I ever, I mean ever got a chance to interview.  No, No, No,  just meet Jill Scott, after  I say hello (cause you gotta display manners :) ) I have just one BURNING question that has been driving me absolutely nuts.   Sometimes when I go […]

By BridgetEE When you are born from royalty lets say from a King, you by proxy are deemed a Prince.  With this title you are royal under the Kings hierarchy and with that comes the Kings success is your success and then one day you become the predecessor of the thrown and kingdom plus its worth.  Not […]

By BridgetEE In these, days and times we get so bogged down with money that we often times miss the point.  Entertainers now a days are simply that, they do enough to get you to give them your hard earned dollar and give you a half hearted product just so they can get it.  Artist […]

By BridgetEE Birth, Inception, Infusion, Transfusion, Implant, Transplant, Life, Eternal, Internal, Stem Cell, Universe… All these words describe the art of music and how it will always transition in time, the mother or father of the musical embryo may change but it will always stay forever new.  Back in the day my parents inundated me […]

By BridgetEE Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a statement they made and you didn’t agree with it, but then after listening to their explanation on what they said you say “OH yeah I get it, you got a point.”  Then after you do some research you say “ummmmm well??” First and […]

By BridgetEE I’m in love with Timothy Bloom and nothing can stand in the way of my love for him.  The interesting thing about that statement is I have never met him, I have never been around him, I have never touch, taste nor smelt him, but what I have done is felt him.  I […]