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By BridgetEE

Here’s what I wanna know.  Matter of fact if I ever, I mean ever got a chance to interview.  No, No, No,  just meet Jill Scott, after  I say hello (cause you gotta display manners :) ) I have just one BURNING question that has been driving me absolutely nuts.   Sometimes when I go to bed at night and think about it causes me to lose sleep.  Thinking about it right now gives me a splitting head.  I’m just saying how is it??!!  I don’t know!!!Let’s start off with I don’t know nor do I desire to know about her personal relationships, past, present or future.  I don’t want to know her views on other artists.  I don’t want to know her feelings about the music industry or does she think her appearance has anything to do with the treatment she receives.  I don’t want to know about her Philly grass roots or attachment to The Roots if you will.  I don’t want to know if she lost or gained weight, if she has a special diet or what her favorite smoothie is.  Does she eat regular of organic food, nope don’t care.  Is her son getting music lessons from QuestLove, nah: although I would be jealous about that one, still don’t want to know.  The music video below is hot as hell, but I don’t want to know where it was shot, who directed it or how much did that cost and do you have to pay extra for QuestLove to be all up in the video.  Does QL arrange a lot of your hits, nope not important.  Are those really tears and raw emotion I see in the video, nope that’s not it.  Jill actual uses a real band and not computer generated crap (ooops), I should have said sound, is that why the opportunity mega cloud keeps trying to pass over her (high budget?), whatever that thought is depressing and I really don’t want to know.  Not her political views, where she sees herself 10 years from now or even closer whats this album like?  I should want to know that but I don’t, because in the grand scheme of these things really don’t matter but my question does.   HERE IT IS!!!  JILL SCOTT have you ever sang O N E bad song???!!  Maybe a second question, ARE YOU EVER JUST OFF??!!  I’m like I can’t think of one song or album that you just say ummm it’s aright !!  Yep that’s what I want to know, and you don’t know but Jill Scott does.  This here is an old fashion barn burner, pour the wine and lock in rewind because she has done it again, Jill Scott says “You Don’t Know” , but I do and I think you should too.  As always please watch and listen responsibly ♫

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