By BridgetEE Here is the thing that is missing between a real artist and a flash in the pan entertainer.   The flash in the pan lacks versatility in their artistry.   What I mean by this is, if they are a rapper they strictly rap to a beat, track, what have you.  If they are […]

By BridgetEE What constitutes a naked truth: “Plain unadorned facts, without concealment or embellishment” We live in a world where the first tip any successful person will give you is presentation is everything.  We also live in a world where the word presentation is just a pretty term for a little white lie.  The world […]

By BridgetEE ♫ Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again ♫  You say huh♪  Watch this♪  Back in the day you had honor amongst thieves.  Back in the day you had respect for things and sounds.  Back in […]

Album cover design by Mojo Visual   By BridgetEE I was thinking incense, large yellow flowers and a bright sun.. I was thinking a beat is chasing me and I don’t have no where to run.  But do I want to??  I’m thinking basement house partys, black lights, fist pump peace symbol furry posters and love.  I’m […]

By BridgetEE What do you see?  What do you feel?  I hear a sound that induces passion.  Warmth beneath my feet, I feel a maraca slowly shimmering down my spine as I sit perched high on a bright orange sunset with a backdrop blue sky.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ I smell the essence of […]

By BridgetEE Here’s what I wanna know.  Matter of fact if I ever, I mean ever got a chance to interview.  No, No, No,  just meet Jill Scott, after  I say hello (cause you gotta display manners :) ) I have just one BURNING question that has been driving me absolutely nuts.   Sometimes when I go […]