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wpid-wp-1438555559602.jpegBy BridgetEE

What constitutes a naked truth:

“Plain unadorned facts, without concealment or embellishment”

We live in a world where the first tip any successful person will give you is presentation is everything.  We also live in a world where the word presentation is just a pretty term for a little white lie.  The world is filled with role models that if we really knew their naked truth, would they still in fact be our role model?   Or better yet their naked truth was found out later, crushing our perception, when had they told the truth in the first place they would have found that we would have adorned them even more.  Most often times people find their truth to be a painful place that they choose to hide or stay hidden from.  Most people also think that their truth will hinder their success or should I say visions of success.    Me personally I choose to always praise the naked truth before I give any credence to a bold face lie no matter how good it may look or sound.  Everything that looks and feels good,  may not be good for you and “Hell is paved with good intentions”.   What am I trying to say?  The naked truth can be viewed through the eyes of Periscope, and Kellye Howard “Comedian” , laughter through pain.

I live my life by faith/fate.  Well one night while riding home from work with severe writers block and feeling like the world was using my chest as a parking lot, I got an alert on my phone to check out “Kellye Howard riding in her Prius”, needless to say and making a lonng scope short, Kellye going off on people driving around in her Prius was the funniest thing I have seen in a  looonnnggg time.  After that encounter I became a Kellyescopeaholic.  But who the hell is Kellye Howard??!!  Okay, Okay, this is my first PeriscopeBEView:

Kellye Howard is a young African American comedian raised in Chicago.  Although she has a pretty impressive bio, I could have shortened her many titles to one “PHILANTHROPIST”.  Kellye is a woman that is living everyone’s dream, but not by being in the right place at the right time per-say but, by the grind that life has laid.  She has cussed out drug infestation, laughed at family tragedy, worked out diagnosis and reinvented herself through Heaven’s love.  Where some may have laid down and died, Kellye has used every aspect of her story to resurrect herself.  Her story is too long for a blog but perfect for a book.  The naked truth of Kellye Howard may not be glamorous to a few but its aspiring to the mass.  Each one, teach one, Kellye Howard will grow millions in time to come.  Greatness has never been more multifaceted then the name Kellye Howard.  A woman that has learned to throw laughter at her pain and make her audience her therapists.  Oh did I mention she was funny as hell?  LOL!!   As always please watch, listen, laugh and learn responsibly.  Read More

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