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By BridgetEE

I was thinking incense, large yellow flowers and a bright sun.. I was thinking a beat is chasing me and I don’t have no where to run.  But do I want to??  I’m thinking basement house partys, black lights, fist pump peace symbol furry posters and love.  I’m thinking bell-bottoms, afro’s, large cuffs and mini skirts.  I’m thinking of the crossover when the Go Go’s were delivered from the Juke Joint.  I’m thinking police moving aside and the orange divide barricade being moved at the dance hall.  I’m thinking, did you know our musical family tree started with the Blue’s.  My youngins, I was thinking that, if not for, there would be no, Kendrick Lamar .  I was thinking umm umm um FUNK ♫  In order to get to your future you can’t forget your past.  Time always repeats itself.  Great things live forever.  Sounds resonate and recreates in another space and time.  Is R&B dead in our black communities.  NOT.

Exit E, enter “Think About It”,  Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, Vivacious, and Intriguing, that’s right, I’m talking about ESNAVI!!!  The count down is over and the hour glass has dropped us here.  From the highly anticipated forth coming album, our masterful story teller gives us today her first page “Think About It”.  Get your ears up and your body/soul right as we rock out to a bass line that’s gonna send you straight to the funk house.  A young lady that reveals her inner beauty and power right off rip, making you take a trip to the days when music was written and produced in humble spaces without a lot of wires.  A domicile where acoustics were conformed ♫ ♪ not created.  A cut that every beat induced, you can feel the sweat being produced.  Oh how sweet the sound :)   Hard ♪ Ruff ♪ Raw: a few of my favorite things as well as the things this audio painting was stroked from.  Oh by the way the artist looks just as good as the painting (yep, some of yall will get that line later).  Is R&B dead?  No!!  Just trying to be ignored, but my girl ESNAVI is making it hard and will definatly make you THINK ABOUT IT ♪♪   BTW… you still can’t call a rose by any other name ;)  As always please listen RESPONSIBLY ♫

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