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In these, days and times we get so bogged down with money that we often times miss the point.  Entertainers now a days are simply that, they do enough to get you to give them your hard earned dollar and give you a half hearted product just so they can get it.  Artist pour their heart and soul into projects just wanting you to love and appreciate their artistry and often times they get passed on because they are not what some perceive a “PRODUCT”.  Entertainers want to just HIT, while artist want to be kissed first.  So then there was Tank.Not too long ago a story broke that Tank was retiring due to certain powers were not marketing him properly.  Funny enough I agree.  But the thought of that news just broke my heart.  Tank is a real crooner that writes and plays his own instruments.  He is a hard worker, loyal boyfriend and loving father.  For the most part you don’t see him attacking people on social media or having spasm attacks about his life.  He keeps his body fit and for the record FINE AS HELL.  He speaks well and he adores his fans and boy does he have fans (Unmarketable?? Yeah Right!!) .  Yet the love of what he does still keeps him “Stronger”  and because of his love for you he wanted to give his fans a Valentines gift that will keep on giving for free, yes you heard me free.  The free Album is titled “If You Were Mine” (just click on the title for your free copy) and he wanted to make sure that we had awesome atmosphere for Valentine.  In true Tank fashion each track will make you like “Your My Star”.  Although he said he was stepping away I also see that he is becoming a #BornAgainVirgin  :) , so I don’t think we should count him out just yet ♪   Now how many entertainers offered you anything for Valentines day?  Well I think some Reciprocity is in order.  So ladies and gentlemen let G up (some of yall will get that later) and put it down now that Tank has got us up.  As always plllleeaassse listen responsibly♫  OH YEAH HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!  Read More

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