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By BridgetEE

The way artistry is supposed to be.  Great musicians not only are graced by above but they also actively study their craft/talent.  They surround themselves with people that are like themselves.  They are historians of music, therefore preparing themselves for books of the future.  You can’t successfully get to your future if you forget your past.   When I close my eyes and think of our legends of the future, a person that will be documented, the first women that comes to mind is Nina Simone.  The things that people are made of in their entirety is what makes them so great musically.  Music is a vessel for the artist, to their inner being, a reflection of how they see life.  If music was always pretty metaphorically we would not have a connection spiritually.

Last night at the birth place of legends, The Apollo Theatre, Netflix decided to pay homage to the most legendary female in musical African American history, Queen Nina Simone.  The celebration started with the advance screening of the documentary titled “What Happened, Miss Simone”, which will be released on the streaming service June 26, 2015.   But what followed should be marked in history books to come.  Growing legend Lauryn Hill after the viewing made a rare appearance/performance but what followed that was even more legendary.  As Lauryn Hill performed the sounds and maturations of the legend Nina Simone, when she got to the last song of her set, she turned and passed the torch (mic) to a legend in the making Jazmine Sullivan, stating “She can sing for the both of us” .   With true grace and class Ms. Sullivan honored Queen Lauryn Hills request, but also showed how gracious and humbled she was by the request via Instagram.

Music is not a trend or a look, it is a FEEL, and a feel is what great music and legends are made from.  Please as always listen and watch responsibly ♫

Lauryn Hill And Jazmine Sullivan: Legends Celebrating A Legend
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