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When you are born from royalty lets say from a King, you by proxy are deemed a Prince.  With this title you are royal under the Kings hierarchy and with that comes the Kings success is your success and then one day you become the predecessor of the thrown and kingdom plus its worth.  Not a bad deal, but what if you want to rule your own land under your own terms and rules, lead a new people and new culture?  Well then you have to make your own journey and build your village.  You Digg?wpid-599645_3617295389536_1149414195_n.jpgWell that’s what Diggy Simmons is doing.  Although he was born into the game by the Kings of rap RUN DMC (RUNS son), Prince Diggy is evolutionalizing the rap game in his own way (ITS MY BLOG AND I CAN MAKE UP MY OWN WORDS LOL :) .  I had the pleasure of meeting this young man on a few occasions in Cleveland and the one thing (well back up, there’s more then one) that impressed me about this young man was his personality, he was truly a kind and respectful young man.  Often times when you see young celebrities coming off stardom of a hit TV show (RUNS HOUSE) as well as his family tree (uncle Russell Simmons), well lets keep it real, you usually find a disrespectful brat.  Not the case at all with Diggy, especially with him being a Hip Hop artist.  Sorry no shade to Hip Hop but you know some of yall can cut up LOL.  But anyway back to Diggy, the other thing I noticed is that he is never with an entourage, only people that have been with the family forever.  He can be humorous while never smelling like a skunk ;) .  Although I love this young man, shame on me for not paying more attention to his music.  He is amazing, this young brotha has figured out a way to not stay in the box or better yet jump into any box at any given moment.  He has something that I did not hear from the Kings and that is his ability to croon.  I love the fact that he has an awesome voice and works with other artists some known and some not so, but because of that it makes him original.  Yes Diggy brings an R&B croon to Hip Hop that can cross dials and generations.  I always wondered what would happen to relax and chill music if R&B went away, well this song here might be the answer.  Diggy is clearly extremely talented in a multifaceted way.  Hell maybe the new 25 is 40, well at least he makes me feel that way :) (my alter ego is Bigg Cougar) .  Ohh how can I forget this, he and I share the same birthday March 21st the day of the most creative creatures on the earth.  Should we, uhh yes, I think Maybe We Should “Fall” for the new heir and conqueror to the throne Diggy Simmons.  As always please watch and listen responsibly ♫ 

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