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1. Quiet Time

How come no one ever told me about the quiet moments in the bedroom? They never told me just how precious the few minutes in the morning, when it’s still dark out and everybody else in the house is asleep, could be. It’s a time for snuggling, a time for talking, a time for praying, a time for a morning quickie, or for whatever it is that you and your spouse choose to do. It’s a time when nothing else matters but the two of you.

2. Surprise Treats

You are working on your computer and BAM! a peanut butter and jelly sandwich appears from nowhere. You didn’t ask for it, and you didn’t say you were hungry. Your sweetie decided to surprise you for no reason at all. No one ever told me about all of the special treats I would get after I got married.

3. Exhaling

How come no told me that I could exhale? They didn’t tell me that I could let go, because I didn’t have to carry every burden alone. Some people realize this right away. But for others like me, it took some time to let go. I was so used to taking care of everything alone. I was not accustomed to asking for help when I needed it. I used to get so stressed about work, the kids, the house, the bills … and all of those things made me irritable. It was so liberating when I finally learned to let go.

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