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By BridgetEE

How many ways do I love you.  How do I love you, let me count the ways.  A penny for your thought a nickel for a kiss a dime if you tell me that you love me.  Old School “you have got to come to me cause I been chasing you, showing how much I care” or New School “OHHHH BaBBY, you and I together for always”…Ladies respond ♫I’m giving up this life for you♫ OMG I love Avant…wooops side track, back spin okay back on track now…well there are millions of songs to express how much you love them but what about when you want to unlove them?

How many of us have been in a relationship and it was just going or had went bad?  How many have stayed praying that things would change and tried to stick it out because although it’s all bad you felt the ending could be even worse?  We fell in love now we are falling out of love and we need some motivation getting us to that next step that I like to call unlove.  Music has a way of steering our emotions, some songs make us hype others make us laugh then there  are the ones that make us get all mushy inside and last but surely not the least ♫There’ll be sad songs to make you cry♫ (remember that :) ).  Well lets take a stroll back down memory lane when The Gyrls made that classic urban legend “It’s Over”, that one song that made you have a multitude of feels combined or separate depending on the situation but for the most part it drummed its point IT’S OVER!!!  Get Out, Good Bye, See ya when I see ya!!!  Hot ass song but to the point if you played that song for a brotha, he probably wanted to hit you in the mouth by the end of the song LOL.

Now that we are older and a little bit more savvy, got little more swag and finesse to ourselves, a little more game about us if you will, we need a song to reflect such change.  Well my main man Antoine Dunn, my bad, Antoine L. Dunn (see the change in swag) says I got you.  Lets do this real sexy, he or she is a cheater, hater, gold digger, bad lover one or all the above and you feel like its time for that ax of your frustration to roll, but you want to have a little class about it.  Make them feel good about whats going on, all the while your showing them that exit it door.  Instead of them wanting to slash your tires you want to make them feel they may just want to pay your car note one last time.  Make saying “It’s Dunn And It’s Over” sound sooo erotic opposed to some kind of way?  Anoitne L. has done exactly that for you with his new single “It’s Over” a song that will make you feel like you came while leaving.   His embryotic being induces breath of an old soul to produce a timeless piece that all should put into their emotional repertoire, It’s OVER, time to unlove the one you’re with….As always please listen and watch responsibly

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