What at night! Tom Joyner’s One More Time Experience tour hit the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH Saturday evening with musical performances by Avant, Kem, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, a special guest appearance by Kym Whitley. Even Kem’s amazing background singer L’Renee took the main stage for an unforgettable evening. 93.1 WZAK and Tom Joyner […]

Happy Valentines Day!! Sam Sylk has a special gift of love for you today, new music by the man that can read the love on your mind, Avant, titled ‘Not Gone Lose’. Cleveland’s own national recording artist Avant is a man that has always been in-tune to his fan base. A younger Avant new how […]

You meet the man of your dreams and come to find out he has a tribe of kids and baby mama’s.  Do you stay or should you go? Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, had a lady seek his help on […]

Avant has been out of the spotlight for a few years now, so it’s not shocking for him to look different than he did when he was in his prime. But no one expected the singer’s appearance to change as drastically as it did. A photo of the star made its rounds on the Internet […]

In order to master ones craft one must typically be astute. An underling to great things, produces greatness. In in order to achieve greatness there must be exactly that, order. Hence the story of the Philly songstress/songwriter by way of Cleveland, Ohio, Laurin Talese and how she brought order to a Gorgeous Chaos. Laurin Talese […]

Crooner Avant’s new CD, The VIII (The Eighth) will be released next Friday, September 25th and as a treat, he is offering a discount to TJMS listeners…


We bet Avant and Keke Wyatt had know idea the hit they had on their hands with the release of My First Love back in…

A photo posted by Avant (@avantmusic) on Jun 7, 2015 at 7:31am PDT By BridgetEE Smooth, cunning, impactful. A song that thrust at your heart and soul, a feel, a longing. Great songs are identified most times the very first time you hear them. They are Special words from a Special soul escorted by a […]

By BridgetEE There’s an old saying ”fashion always repeats itself.” How many of us live by that saying? We won’t throw away those Cross Colour Jeans, because they’re coming back. The same bell bottoms and turtlenecks from the 1970s are casual wear in 2015. Let’s not forget that navy blue peacoat from the US Navy. Unless you […]


  “R&B Divas” star KeKe Wyatt has never been one to bite her tongue and she definitely isn’t starting now! She joined “The D.L. Hughley Show”…

By BridgetEE How many ways do I love you.  How do I love you, let me count the ways.  A penny for your thought a nickel for a kiss a dime if you tell me that you love me.  Old School “you have got to come to me cause I been chasing you, showing how much […]