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Happy Valentines Day!! Sam Sylk has a special gift of love for you today, new music by the man that can read the love on your mind, Avant, titled ‘Not Gone Lose’.

Cleveland’s own national recording artist Avant is a man that has always been in-tune to his fan base. A younger Avant new how to a legendary ballad like ‘My First’ love and make it relevant to his younger audience of that time. Not even his duet partner, Keke Wyatt, knew that ‘My First Love’ was a remake of Rene and Angela’s R&B classic.

But if you think about it does, love and/or great music really have an age? No, because both are timeless.

Avant’s new single ‘Not Gone Lose’ is a representation of love’s maturity. A realization that the crooner’s base has grown with him, so as not to break away from the one’s that brought him to the party he chose to embrace his masses while nurturing the young. A song that is perfectly titled, saying as long as there is love you are ‘Not Gone Lose’ and your base will always be timeless.

Check out Avant as he sits down and talks to Sam Sylk about his new joint ‘Not Gone Lose’ that he is dropping exclusively on Valentines Day in Cleveland on 93.1 WZAK’s The Sam Sylk Show’ below.   Also make sure you scroll down to listen to ‘Not Gone Lose’ by Avant, and tell your co-workers we just hooked you up :)  Happy Valentines Day.

Avant ‘Not Gone Lose’

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