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You meet the man of your dreams and come to find out he has a tribe of kids and baby mama’s.  Do you stay or should you go?

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Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, had a lady seek his help on whether she should keep a man that she see’s a possible future with however he has multiple kids as well as baby mama’s but other than that he seem’s cool.  Sam Sylk needed some help with this one, so he reached out to singer Avant to see if he could read their mind and help her figure out if he is intact her first love.

Plus Avant dropped the news of a new single just in time for Valentines Day titled “Not Gone Lose”.  Maybe the answer to the young ladies question is right there in the song.

Take a listen to the blow by blow, below and see whether or not the Silky One along with Avant in 4 minutes can help this couple not make separated their theme song.

Dear Sam Sylk

I have recently gotten involved with someone. I am having a hard time because I like him, but I don’t like his situation. He is a good person, with a big heart and fun to be around. But on the other hand, he has several children with different mothers. And for some reason, it is really bothering me. He has never been married but says he wants to be. Does this say something about his character? Or am I just reading to much into it? Should I dismiss him possibly being the one because he has a lot of kids?

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