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Urban One Honors w/ Mary J. Blige

Lesson #1: It Enables Being More Independent
“I hate always having to ask friends or strangers to take photos of me. With a selfie, I can take my photo and capture what I want, when I want it. Plus sometimes it’s straight up awkward to hand your phone to a friend and say, “Hey, can you take a photo of me … by myself?” I’d rather not do that.” —Mitchell Sanders, 28

Lesson #2: I’ve Learned To Love Myself, My Flaws, My Beauty
“If someone was to hijack my phone, they’d see a camera roll of about 1,000 photos — with 40 percent of those just being selfies. No one takes just one photo of themselves at a time. They take multiple using different angles. When doing that, I’ve learned to embrace my imperfections and it helps me see things about my face I would not have known about or appreciated before.” — Jane M., 24

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