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*Recently on a sunny afternoon in SoCal, EUR’s Lee Bailey caught up  with Grammy-nominated R&B/jazz singer Miki Howard  poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to find out the truth behind claims of Michael Jackson fathering son Brandon Howard as well as her new projects. Miki Howard got her start in the late 70’s and branched off to a solo career in the mid 80’s. She is no rookie in the game and is back to share her gift of music with the world.

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Son Brandon Howard and claims of Michael Jackson being his father

In the beginning of March articles began surfacing with claims that the King of Pop Michael Jackson fathered Miki Howard’s son Brandon and that Miki was the REAL Billie Jean. To further elate this news, a “family source” claimed that it was actually Joe Jackson who fathered Miki’s youngest son. Augie Johnson publicly stated that he was B. Howard’s biological father just after the press conference with “DNA test results” that stated Michael Jackson was B. Howard’s father.

So why did all of this suddenly surface and what was the reasoning behind it?

“Honey, you’re guess is as good as mine,” said Miki, “I woke up and then this stuff was all over the place.”

The 53 year old singer says that she is still speechless over the “news” and does not really wish to speak about it with non-disclosures in place “because once you start talking about certain things that are personal and private then you can’t ever stop. There are more things than a situation with Brandon you know people have lives you just don’t talk about that.”

But that still leaves us wondering who is B. Howard’s father and is Augie Johnson really the man. But Miki certainly made clear who it has always been.

“It’s just you know if you want to know who the baby daddy is I told you I’m the baby daddy. I did everything. I was the one to teach him how to tie a tie. I was the one up all night. I was the one at the ER…”

In terms of Augie and her thoughts on him speak out about fathering Brandon; she says:

“This whole thing has been so devastating to the children. Augie has a lot of children. I won’t dignify any of what he did or said you know that’s just bad.”

Just like any mother Miki is protective of her child. She, just like Brandon, has no idea why this happened, but she said that she is supportive of him in every way. “I love him and I don’t want him to be in crisis so I’m certainly not going to perpetuate the issue.”

She finds is absurd that anyone would question it and her since she’s been in the music business for over 35 years, is a grandmother of four and has never had any gossip really surface about her.

“I’ve never been in scandal. I don’t, I don’t indulge in that. It’s not happening.”

Miki Chooses to Be Happy

After ending conversation about the real father of her son Brandon Howard, Miki’s tone lightened to discuss her new 5-song EP, “I Choose to Be Happy” due out this summer. The original title, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blues” was “too long”, but is how Miki describes this project. The EP includes some of her greatest hits re-recorded live and including studio material. So why put out previous hits?

“I perform a lot and people always want to hear these songs. And as we grow they grow and they grow new meanings,” Miki says. “They are good songs. Sometimes you have great songs so it’s okay to redo them.”

“I Choose to Be Happy” includes three new tracks including the lead single “Panther.” Just like most singles artists put out it is upbeat and catchy. It is a great empowerment song for women who do not want to deal with the “same old same ole” as Miki says in the song. The song is out in tester phases including a remix with rapper Too $hort. Many may think that strange that the two paired up for this record considering the lyrical content $hort spits out, but Miki says, “he’s a gentleman. Everybody’s grown up now. You’ve got to listen to it.”

The EP will also include a new song, the title track, “I Choose to be Happy” and a tribute to Marvin Gaye titled “Soon I’ll be Loving You” which features son Brandon Howard and David Ruffin Jr. Miki says it is one of her favorites and “no one knows it’s Marvin Gaye.” The song is a remake from a woman’s perspective of Gaye’s “Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again” from his 1976 Motown LP I Want You. For seasoned Miki Howard fans she is including her first solo hit record “Come Share My Love” on the EP as well.

Her Life Now

Miki is surrounded by love and says she is really good these days. With three children and four grandchildren she just feels “joy and bubbly when I see them.” She says they are musically inclined and know how to sing. There are no set dates just yet, but the proud veteran is ready to tour.

“Yes I want to tour I’m ready. I’m ready to perform and just enjoy.” As her excitement spilled over we just could not help but to ask is this always her.  Is she really always THIS happy? “I try to be, yes, I choose to be happy it’s a choice whatever it is you’re going through you can cry or you can just say you know what it’s gone be alright.”

Her Last Words for those who may have anything to say in regards to paternity of her son and her career:

“I don’t need them I make my own shoes. I’ve always been Miki Howard. If it’s good it’s good, because God made it good. I will NOT be introduced to the mass public as Billy Jean. No I will not. I have too much talent for that, I worked too hard, so get over it people.”

Editor’s Note: Look for a more IN DEPTH report on Miki Howard’s new album project next week here on EURweb.



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