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Who wouldn’t want to live their happiest life? The United Nations created the International Day of Happiness for this very reason. Founded in 2011, the UN’s mission was to find a “balanced approach to economic growth that promotes… happiness and well-being of all peoples.” And when you have Pharrell’s backing, you just might achieve this goal.

Katrina Martinez, NGO Youth Representative at the UN explains that their initiatives will be sure to impact communities all over the globe. “Bhutan was the first country to put happiness the country’s policy,” said Martinez.

Due to all of their programs they have going on coupled with the positive response, they will be sure to make it a holiday — which just happens to be on of their goals.

But in an age where we’re constantly seeking happiness, how can one fully achieve? (Or at least, climb toward achieving it.) Martinez tries to “see the silver lining in something” and researches different ways to embrace happy. Oh, and if you’re not a positive influence, you’re out. “Stay away from poisonous people who bring you down,” she said. Get yourself out of those situations and find out what’s toxic in your relationships.”

Find out more about the International Day of Happiness and how you can get involved here.

How do you stay happy?



Article and Pictures Courtesy of News One

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