Triple threat Jennifer Lopez can now say she is expanding the reach of her TV channel NuvoTV. She recently won the bid to purchase Fuse TV. What makes this purchase interesting is that she outbid former lover Diddy.

Diddy, who recently changed his name for the gazillionth time, put a $200 million bid on Fuse TV. The Bad Boy label head was aiming to gain more viewership for his Revolt television channel. The Madison Square Garden Company’s asking price was about twice what Diddy offered. However, Lopez’s bid on Fuse was only a little bit more than her ex-boyfriend’s.

Jennifer Lopez won the bid even after only offering $226 million. What made the Madison Square Garden Company accept her bid was the fact she sweetened the deal in the seller’s favor. On top of the $226 million, Lopez also offered the company a 15% stake in the combined NuvoTV and Fuse.

We wonder if Jennifer Lopez was a little extra excited because of who she beat out for the TV channel, but that’s just the shade in us rearing its ugly head.




Article Courtesy of Rhymes with Snitch and The Urban Daily

Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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