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Who You Callin' A B*tch!? Do Mean Girls Make More Money? (thumbnail)Destroy Your Marriage Tip #1:

Be secretive. Pretend you’re both in the CIA.

“It’s so easy these days to avoid a real conversation with your partner,” says Meyer. After all, after a long day of work and diapers and traffic, sometimes the last thing you want is to actually talk with your mouth. Leaving cute emoticons as comments on Facebook or binge-watching Modern Family reruns seems so much more enjoyable, right?

“The other scenario I’ve started seeing: Couples who take snipes at each other via text and email rather than face to face. Either way, almost all my clients attribute the failure of their marriage in large part to a failure to communicate,” says Meyer. “I had a client whose husband lost his job, and he pretended to my client that he was still working until she got the bill from a local restaurant that showed he spent a majority of his days there. Now they are fighting over who should be responsible for those charges at the restaurant. Just remember this: The energy it takes to have an honest conversation is nominal compared to the energy and expense it takes to get a divorce.”

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