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If you want to present the least-threatening profile to the police, when you see the overhead lights come on you may wanna do this…

1. Pull over immediately, even if you don’t like that location. If the cop wants you to relocate, he’ll tell you over the car’s PA system.

2. Roll down all the windows. If it’s night time, turn on the interior lights.

3. Put the car in park (or neutral, if a manual transmission) and set the parking brake. If the officer tells you to turn off the engine, do so.

4. Put your hands on top of the steering wheel. Tell any passengers to keep their hands in plain view. Do not reach for your license, registration, insurance, etc. until the officer is looking inside your car and you tell him what you are going to do.

5. You don’t have to kiss the cop’s a–, but be polite. This is a business transaction. It isn’t personal.

via BlackMediaScoop