“Hollywood Exes” boasts one of the most ethnically diverse casts on reality TV and race becomes an issue on season 3 of the series, which premieres Wednesday.

A trailer for the upcoming season hints at the racial tension that emerges after Jessica Canseco insists that Black and White women can’t be friends.

Andrea Kelly said that comment didn’t come as a shock to her. The famed choreographer is admittedly more offended by Jessica’s stance given that she doesn’t mind dating a Black man.

“For me, race is not an issue at all. My problem with the situation is, you can have a Black man, but not a Black girlfriend,” Drea told “You could be with a Black man, but you would have a problem with his Black mama, his Black auntie, his Black daughter?”

Drea and Jessica have bumped heads in the past and Drea reiterated that Jessica should either watch what she says or be willing to deal with the consequences that result from her speaking her mind.

“You have to be woman enough to back what you say,” said Drea. “You have to be responsible for what you put out and how you put it out. If you put out hate and then feel like you’re getting hated on, don’t be shocked.”

Judging by the season 3 trailer, Drea’s co-stars Nicole Murphy and Mayte Garcia had more of a problem with Jessica’s statements than Drea did. The previews suggest that Mayte even gets physical with her White co-star.

Jessica seemingly did little to try to clarify her statements or reduce the damage done by insulting her co-stars.

“For it to roll off of her mouth so easily proves that’s something she feels at the very core of who she is,” said Drea who doesn’t accept the cliché response about having Black friends that many accused racists offer.

“I hate that racist people say, ‘I have Black friends.’ It’s not a race thing. It’s not a love thing. The problem comes when you put stuff out there and you’re not clear about it. What was made clear to us was ‘White girls and Black girls don’t mesh.’”

What Jessica feels about Black women is her own business, but Drea continued to question how someone who has an issue with sisters has none with their brothers.

“She thinks it’s okay to date our men, but the women she doesn’t like very much,” Drea repeated. “If it wasn’t for a Black womb and a Black vagina, he wouldn’t be here.”

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