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1. Be aware of your club attire

“When I asked the guy I was on a date with about what was in the Express bag he was carrying, he told me it was, ‘A shiny shirt for clubbing!’ No.”  – Vicky, 35

Button downs which magically come completely unbuttoned by the end of the night are a dealbreaker for me. I guess you think that showing off your shaven chest is cool? It’s not.”  – Ariel, 19

2. Make sure your footwear is appropriate

“I would never date you if you approached me wearing sandals and jeans. You might as well write ‘tool bag’ across your forehead. In my mind, the only guy that can get away with it is my dad — because he’s my dad, and because I at least stopped him from wearing those velcro sandals and made him switch to flip flops.” – Brianna, 25

“Our date is over if you show up in sneakers. J’s, Van’s, and Converse are all tolerable, but wearing big bulky running sneakers any time when you aren’t actually running just make you look like an uncool dad a la Danny Tanner. Even Obama can’t get away with it.” – Krystal, 25

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