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Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith recently came under fire for sanctioning an Instagram photo of their 13-year-old daughter, Willow, lying in a bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias.  Now the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has stepped in to investigate a matter that has some questioning the couple’s parenting skills, according to a report on  RadarOnline. No response by Smith, Smith-Pinkett or DCFS confirming the probe  has surfaced in news reports.

The artsy black-and white photo in question depicts a shirtless Arias lying in a bed, looking pensive and clutching a pillow with one arm. Willow, is pictured fully clothed, lying on her side in front of Arias and sporting a wounded look on her face.  The image has drawn plenty criticism aimed at the power couple for allowing their underage daughter to appear in the photo with a man.

An “insider” reportedly told the celeb news site, “The investigation was formally opened last week and is being taken very seriously by the department.  Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been extremely cooperative with officials. Of course, they aren’t happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand.”

The “we don’t do punishment” celebrity couple has received a lot of flack since the photo hit Instagram, and Pinkett-Smith has been extremely vocal in their defense. The diminutive actress, who once said “little girls have the right to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires,” in response to all of the criticisms they received for Willow’s edgy hairstyles, basically told reporters to knock off the negative judgments about this latest flap.  Pinkett-Smith told reporters on May 7, “There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

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The precocious Willow Smith also raised eyebrows last year for the song, “Summer Fling,” one which many felt was not age appropriate.



Article Courtesy of News One

Picture Courtesy of Instagram and News One

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