It’s being reported that Willow Smith wrote a remix to Tupac Shakur’s ‘Dear Mama’….’Dear Tupac’ Dear mama, Place no one above ya, sweet lady ♫ When it rains it pours, but the biggest question is how much more can Will Smith take or more importantly when are the women that he feels he needs to protect going […]

Most of us probably would have been embarrassed that there was a rumor that our momma had an entanglement with our brothers friend only for the friend to tell it then she gave affirmation of set entanglement.  But not Willow Smith, she said she is proud of her mother Jada Pinkett Smith. According to Willow […]

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are well respected for their entertaining endeavors.  Not to mention have held their marriage together in time and age when divorce is just part of the norm in relationships.  But with all the fame we often don’t recognize that they are parents who have raised children just like you […]

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We are Family!! The Summer is the breeding grounding of family unity celebrations, such as family reunions. What better family reunion could there be then for a family to go back home and rock out the city from which they came. Will and Jada Smith, with kids in tow, went back to where it all […]

It's safe to say that Jada Pinkett-Smith raised some of the coolest kids on the planet.

Willow Smith has become a little fashionista without even really trying. Her swag comes from her anti-commerical, anti-stereotypical, #arteverydamnday style. Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director at Chanel, noticed Smith’s eclectic approach to clothing and handpicked her as the newest ambassadress for the brand. The 15-year-old accepted the honor with fire electric blue eyeshadow and […]