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It’s being reported that Willow Smith wrote a remix to Tupac Shakur’s ‘Dear Mama’….’Dear Tupac’

Dear mama, Place no one above ya, sweet lady ♫

When it rains it pours, but the biggest question is how much more can Will Smith take or more importantly when are the women that he feels he needs to protect going to protect him??  A letter that was written by a little Willow Smith has gone viral.  Why would a letter go viral, you might ask?  Allegedly, an 11 year old Willow Smith wrote a letter to rapper Tupac Shakur asking him to come back to, Jada Pinkett-Smith, her mother who is/was married to her father Will Smith, to make Jada happy again.  Even Weirder, Willow who was born in 2000, has never even met Tupac Shakur because he was killed in a drive by shooting in 1996, so the ‘Dear Tupac’ letter was written post-mortem ie after death.

“Dear Tupac, I know you are alive someplace. I think that my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back.  Can you come back so momy and me can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do! Love, Willow.”

The lost and found letter has since went viral in a video that has social media on fire and divided.

Jada and Tupac met at the Baltimore School for the Arts and had an “instant connection.”  Jada Pinkett-Smith has also verbalized that Tupac was a “huge loss in my life.”  Will Smith had this to say about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s and Tupac Shakur’s connection in his book writing:

“In the beginning of our relationship, my mind was tortured by their connection. He was PAC! and I was me. I hated that I wasn’t what he was in the world, and I suffered a raging jealousy: I wanted Jada to look at me like that. If she chose me over Tupac, there was no way I could be a coward. I have rarely felt more validated,”

Once again none of this makes what Will Smith did to Chris Rock right, however, when you add all these things up, most men and women can understand why he snapped like he did.

Take a look at the video and letter below then give us your thoughts.

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