As previously reported, Hall knows first-hand the effects of violent crimes. Her sister was murdered years ago and that case is still unsolved.

Each “Deadline Crime” episode shows Hall’s hunt for answers as she conducts in-depth interviews with key players, as well as her own investigations to reveal what caused people to turn to crime and whether justice was ultimately served.

The show developed a loyal following during the first season. Below, Tamron explains her unique social media experience with the diehards:

Below, blurbs on the first five episodes of Season 2:

Justice for Jane Doe: Sunday, June 1 at 10/9C

When the body of a murdered young woman is found floating in the Gulf of Mexico, detectives spend decades trying to identify her remains. But then, a family stumbles across a description of the Jane Doe and recognizes her. And just like that, a Florida detective finds herself faced with a 30-year-old murder mystery, embarking on a multi-state investigation – to bring a killer to justice.

A Campfire Conspiracy: Sunday, June 8 at 10/9C

Chris MacCallum is an outdoorsman, so his wife and step-sister aren’t worried about leaving him alone, camping out in the forest on the border of California and Oregon. But when he never comes home, his wife calls the police. The ensuing roller coaster of an investigation uncovers a conspiracy to kill that goes back months – and leads them to the most unlikely of suspects.

The Deadly Deceiver: Sunday, June 15 at 10/9C

Ecuadorian beauty Reina Swierski is reported missing from her Silicon Valley home – not by her husband Gary, but by her lover Ted. After months of searching, she’s presumed dead – though her body remains unfound. Until detectives begin looking for clues in the past – clues that lead them to a possible second murder. Now, they must race to find the evidence that will put away a violent – and deadly – predator… before he strikes again.

See Something, Say Something: Sunday, June 22 at 10/9C

Miami pediatric nurse Beverly Jackson is beloved by all who know her. So when her murdered body is discovered under the most shocking of circumstances – locked in the trunk of a car submerged in an urban canal – detectives are stumped. It will take one young man’s extraordinary courage to reveal the truth about what happened the night she died.