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Ja Rule visited a radio station in New York and discussed his salvation and where he currently is in his walk with God as well as why he is confused about Mase the rapper being a pastor.Ja Rule recently reappeared in the mainstream scene after doing a stint in prison.

In a recent interview with a popular radio station promote his new book, the rapper spoke about reconnecting with God after promoting his film I’m in Love with a Church Girl. Ja Rule said Hillsong church in New York City stood out to him as he toured several churches. Adrienne Bailon  sang his praise during the movie and confirmed that it felt very authentic.  Watch what she says here: Adrienne Bailon “In Love With a Church Girl” VIDEO

Ja Rule says:

“It was a different kind of crowd, I got saved at that church…and it just gave me a good feeling.”

He said he then started to become friends with the pastor of the ministry, Pastor Carl Lentz. Ja Rule told the radio host that after accepting Jesus as his Savior he was afraid of giving his life to God because of where he is in his life. Ja Rule explained that Lentz advised him to “‘Take baby steps,’” and “‘walk in your path.’”

The radio host then asked the Queens native what he thought about rapper Mase who is also a pastor and had a congregation but continued to rap about the stuff he use to rap about.

Ja Rule blurted out, “I’m confused, he’s confusing me… I don’t know how to take it because… Is that allowed?” Though he said, “I’m not the authority to speak on these situations.It don’t feel right and I don’t know if that’s excepted with the church.

The Grammy nominated rapper then discussed a sermon he saw online of Pastor Mase. “It’s the funniest…, he said, “He’s talking about how he came back into this industry cause he wanted to test himself… It was crazy but they sucked it up and they was clapping.”

“I’m very confused by what Mase is doing,” he admitted, “I don’t know if that’s cool or not. I wouldn’t play with the Lord like that, that’s why I had a talk with Carl [Lentz] and let him know like listen I took this walk but I’m not ready to go all the way, I’m still making rap music.”

Ja Rule ended his conversation by saying,””I ‘m taking baby steps and I wanna get closer to God I think it’s something you should do in life.. I feel you should have you’re one on one with God and I get the whole church thing.”

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