Ja Rule Verzuz Fat Joe this past Tuesday was cool but it’s the Verzuz shady after party that is lit !! It’s no secret that Ja Rule and 50 Cent have no love for each other and when rumors started circulating that 50 Cent was going to crash the Verzuz stage at the Hulu Theater at Madison […]

Ja Rule Verzuz Fat Joe went down last night with nothing but love despite the rumors that the rapper 50 Cent, who is Ja Rule’s arch nemesis was going to crash the event. The only place 50 Cent turned up to last night was his name being brought up in the Verzuz timeline with ‘Murder […]

The rapper Ja Rule is an interesting self proclaimed mogul who unlike Jay-Z, his quote end quote investments, ventures, ambitions or whatever you want to call them always ends in drama, but in 2020 he is pushing forward to the next thing, doing your taxes. It’s being reported that Ja Rule announced via his Instagram […]

Seems like notorious Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland will be using his little prison stint to plot his next major moves. Two years after tricking concert goers into becoming Hunger Game contestants, Billy McFarland finds himself on an iron vacation for his now infamous “paradise” concert event but if you thought it would dissuade him […]

Netflix shared the trailer for their upcoming Fyre Festival documentary on Thursday. The film, which covers the failed high-end festival and the world’s collective schadenfreude over the stranded rich kids, features interviews with workers on the ground and people in the orbit of festival organizer Billy McFarland. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened was directed by Jim & Andy director Chris […]

Finally someone is going to pay for the abysmal sandwiches and electricity-less tent sham known as Fyre Festival, and it isn’t Ja Rule. The fest’s organizer and promoter Billy McFarland has been sentenced to six years in federal prison after pleading guilty to fraud back in March. McFarland was sentenced on Thursday, per the New York Times, for his elaborate festival scheme that promised […]

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hulu is set to stream a docuseries based on the luxury-music-festival-gone-to-complete-shit that was Fyre Festival. This particular docuseries will be developed by Billboard, Mic, and the Cinemart, and is currently scheduled for a release in 2019. The as-yet-titled series will reportedly delve into what went on behind-the-scenes, while also reporting on the current investigation into the failed event. […]

Ja Rule is insisting that the chaotic Fyre Festival debacle is not his fault in an apology issued after reports surfaced this weekend of a festival falling apart at the seams, with promised “luxury” accommodations boiling down to tents used by FEMA and plastic-boxed lunches made up of bread and cheese. “We are working right […]

Singer Tank came for Ja Rule after the rapper claimed the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy is demeaning to Black men.   Does the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy bother you? Ja Rule found himself criticizing the popular hashtag #BlackBoyJoy after BET used it to caption a photo of The New Edition Story cast on Instagram. The former Murder Inc. rapper […]

Singer Tank came for Ja Rule after the rapper claimed the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy is demeaning to Black men.

Ja Rule has went from rapping for “Murder Inc.” to reciting “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.  Check it out..