Slow-Burn Pros:

—You spend enough time getting to know each other that you can determine just how compatible you two really are.

—Little gestures can take on a big meaning. Each instance of him bringing you soup when you’re sick or mentioning that he told his parents about you is like a separate building block of the relationship, until you finally reach the “wait, I am totally in love with this dude!” epiphany.

—As you become more and more into each other, your sex life only gets hotter over time.

Slow-Burn Cons:

—No initial spark.

—Since friendship is a big part of your foundation, sometimes your relationship can get too comfortable.

Lightning-Bolt Pros:

—Your instant chemistry means amazing, break-the-bed sex from the get-go.

—Finally, you understand all the clichés about butterflies and fireworks.

—Thanks to hormones of both of you going haywire, this type of love lends itself to grand gestures. Don’t be surprised if he whisks you away on a surprise weekend trip.

Lightning-Bolt Cons:

—Unfortunately, the infatuation can fizzle as suddenly as it started. Who hasn’t been there?

—Your intense feelings might cause you to you overlook deal-breakers that take a bit to reveal themselves, like how testy he can be when he’s stressed or the fact that he’s not as ambitious as you’d like.

—When a relationship is so explosive from the start, it’s easy to start thinking that constant drama = passion. Prepare yourself for one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

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