Getting Mobile Right Can Have a BIG Impact

Today, there are over 200 million smart phones in the U.S., the majority of which are equipped with GPS and therefor able to be targeted with various advertisements. Knowing how and when to serve these messages is the key to success in the quickly evolving world of mobile marketing and Interactive One has the tools you need to behaviorally and geographically target your ideal customers.

Mobile advertising is about finding your audience based on where they live, work and play. The experts at Interactive One can help you do just that. Use the contact form below to reach IMM Sam Prewitt to find out more about the power that is available to you via mobile targeted advertising.


Did you know that Radio One Cleveland has the capabilities to geo-target mobile customers near your business?

For more information about mobile targeting and other digital promotion contact Radio One Cleveland’s Integrated Marketing Manager Sam Prewitt using the information below.

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