Although mainly known for his high pitched voice and supercharged energy, his characters, like Smokey in the “Friday” series of movies, are also known for their four-letter words. Coincidentally, Tucker’s absence from movies for the past five years came after he announced he would not curse in roles again.

“I want to be on the edge, but, on the other hand, I want to reach everyone. The balance is a tricky one.”

And though he gained fame playing drug addicts, Tucker said he isn’t into that scene.

“I was raised a Christian, but I still think an entertainer has to play modern roles. Playing a role isn’t being that character. Most of all, my mom raised me not to take anything that can take control of me. Staying with that hasn’t been a problem.”

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“It’s harder than ever to do stand-up now because people’s attention span is so short. An entire generation has grown up with television, and they want everything to move fast. Very fast,” Tucker said. “My show requires top energy. I always arrive in the city a day early so I can get a good night’s sleep before the show.”

Because of Chris Tucker’s tax woes were public, he isn’t talking sad, he believes he’s here to make people laugh.

“Comedy comes from pain,” he said. “The trick is don’t ever let the pain show, and keep going.”

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