CLEVELAND — FirstEnergy Stadium lived up to its name Saturday afternoon. Fans filled the streets cheering and high-fiving after a suspenseful win over the New Orleans Saints 26-24.

The back and forth game was extremely suspenseful for these fans but after the final 2:46 seconds it was nothing but excitement.

IN-GAME BLOG: Browns vs. Saints – September 14, 2014

Fans told WKYC Channel 3 that at the end of the day, it was suspenseful, but they are just glad Cleveland got the win and did not go down 0-2.

“It’s Cleveland,” said Browns fan Patrick Kearney. “We take it down to the last second. Just glad we came away with a win today I just might have to get my heart checked.”

A down to the wire thriller was the last thing Raushauna and Ceasar Harris wanted when they drove down from Washington D.C.

“Both of us were nervous, on edge, very scared and they were victorious today,” said Ceasar.

While Raushauna is from Cleveland Ceaser is from New Orleans.

“I am so happy my team won let’s go dog pound,” said Raushauna. “Send the Saints marching back home. What you got to say about that honey?”

“It’s going to be a long ride back to D.C.,” said Ceasar.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WKYC Channel 3 News

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