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mariah carey nflMariah Carey recently hit the stage for her “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” tour so what better opportunity to take a look at some of her best performances throughout her career.

10. America The Beautiful (Live at NBA Finals in 1990)

Mariah Carey’s first televised appearance was at the NBA Finals in 1990, where she sang “America The Beautiful.” A then-unknown Mariah Carey wowed the audience with her rendition of the song. As CBS anchor Pat O’Brien said after her performance, “The palace now has a queen.” Goosebumps alert: 1:45

9. If Only You Knew / Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live at the Essence Awards in 1998)

Mariah Carey honored her good friend Patti Labelle at the 1998 Essence Awards with a medley of “If Only You Knew” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Goosebumps alert: 2:11.

8. Chain Of Fools (Live at Divas Live in 1998)

In the first ever Divas Live concert, held at the Beacon Theatre, Mariah Carey performed a completely unrehearsed duet with her idol Aretha Franklin on “Chain Of Fools.” Goosebumps alert: 2:56

7. Anytime You Need A Friend (Live at the Daydream Tour in 1996)

Mariah extended her performance of “Anytime You Need A Friend” during her 1996 Daydream Tour with the remix of the song. Goosebumps alert: 3:10

6. With You I’m Born Again (Live for Save The Music in 2005)

Mariah Carey performed “With You I’m Born Again” joined by John Legend during a TV special for VH1′s Save The Music. Pure talent. Goosebumps alert: 2:22

5. The Star Spangled Banner (Live at the Superbowl in 2002)

Mariah’s rendition of the National Anthem in 2002 is definitely one of the best and most remembered performances of the song ever, together with Whitney Houston’s. Goosebumps alert: 2:04

4. We Belong Together / Fly Like A Bird (Live at the Grammy Awards in 2006)

Probably considered one of Mariah’s best “comeback” performances, she performed a medley of “We Belong Together” and “Fly Like A Bird” in 2006 at the Grammy Awards. Goosebumps alert: 4:26

3. Joy To The World (Live at St. John The Divine in 1994)

If you’re a Mariah fan, you know there’s nothing wrong with listening to Christmas songs during any time of the year, her vocals on this 1994 performance of “Joy To The World” are completely out of this world! Goosebumps alert: 5:00

2. Vision Of Love (Live at Good Morning America in 1990)

“Vision Of Love” is probably one of the songs Mariah has performed live more often, so it was extremely hard to choose the “best” one, but on her second televised performance of the song, performed live at Good Morning America on July 20, 1990, she opted for a more jazzy arrangement, which not only suited the song like a glove, but allowed her to sing it with an immense power. Goosebumps alert: 7:44

1. Make It Happen (Live at Madison Square Garden in 1995)

Words cannot describe how great Mariah’s 1995 performance of “Make It Happen” really is, everything about this just defines pure talent. Goosebumps alert: 2:05 via

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